Using Scriptures and hymns as her texts, Sarah’s gift is recapturing their profound messages with her own original music.


What Others Have Said

We recently had Sarah come and present her first Christmas concert. Not only were Sarah, her vocals, arrangements, and sweet humility a wonderful blessing, but you left the concert thinking "thank you God"...not for Sarah, but for JESUS! Her song "Hail the King" made me want to stand up with tears of joy and thanks and say HOORAY FOR GOD!!!!
Sarah, your offerings for Christmas were long overdue. Thank you for your ministry to us for the glory of our King, Jesus. Now, go and bless others!!!

Jerry Dorman, Pastor of Worship - Berean Baptist Church, Livonia, MI

I consider it a blessing to share how God has used "These Words" in my life. I guess since all of them are right from Scripture it has had the effect that Scripture must have on every Christian, but this CD was made in such a way that I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the music and the style. The Lord really poured into "These Words" a special anointing.

In my life it has not only helped me to identify scripture that applies in our family life and also helped me greatly to memorize scripture with the children, but it has been music that has ministered to my soul. I feel an outpouring of the Holy Spirit every time I listen to it. I play it and I need to meditate on scripture, find the verse, make a note or be led to praise and prayer. I enjoy every one of the verses. It has helped me greatly to hide His Word in my heart, so I would not sin against my God, and I have used it to reach out to other Moms that I know that would be blessed by listening to it. I highly recommend it!!!!

Angie Kandow, mother of two - Howell, MI

When I first listened to These Words, I was amazed at how quickly the songs and verses became part of my everyday experience. Because the Scripture is set to simple music, even my young children are able to repeat Scriptures as well as the chapter and verse. It has been a great way to create a common language for talking about God's Word.

Amy Palmerton, mother of three - Howell, MI

WOW! I am so impressed by your CD! I love it! I listen to it all the time! I think it accomplishes exactly what you wanted - it gets Scripture going in my head! and I love the music so much. it is not quite what I expected - I thought the songs would be less singable, you know Tori Amos/Sarah McLaughlinesque. But they are so fitting for the audience of families you are trying to reach. and your voice sounds so so beautiful. Your voice is so clear and unpretentious but really passionate.

Christie McElroy, single 29 - Deerfield, IL

I was so very blessed to hear Sarah's new CD. The best way to describe her music is ANOINTED. There were moments when I just got the chills or a tear welled up. It was joyful and uplifting!

-Janet Strauch - Brighton, MI

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