Using Scriptures and hymns as her texts, Sarah’s gift is recapturing their profound messages with her own original music.

Fans and Supporters

One of the best things in the world is hearing from you! It is always an encouragement to hear how a song has touched your life or what it has meant to you. If you would like to participate in this ministry, here are some proactive ways you can help Sarah's work become more known to the world!

  1. Send us your comments to be used in promotion. Tell us what you really think in your best grammar and who knows maybe your words will end up on our site! You can share comments about the CD, the music, performances, etc. (link to comments)
  2. Join the mailing list. By joining the mailing list you can get regular updates from Sarah. Things like:
    • what's new at the website?
    • when and where is Sarah performing next?
    • Freebie offers from Sarah
    • Personal thoughts from Sarah
  3. Link to our page. If you have a website and you like Sarah's music, why not make a link to us on your site? You can help send traffic to our site so others can discover Sarah's music.

  4. Join the street team. One of the things that artists (both label artists and independent artists) are doing is asking their fans to help spread the word. We reward you with little incentives along the way for what you do. Here are a few activities that members of the street team can do:
    • Write emails to all your friends (and enemies) passing on news about Sarah. If you like Sarah, tell someone and share the joy!
    • Pass out copies of our sampler CD. We'll send you 5-10 to start out with and when you report back to us about how you gave them away we'll send you some more.
    • Promote a show. If Sarah is scheduled for a concert in your area, you can help us by telling friends, putting up posters and letting churches know about it.
    • Visit Sarah's site at CD Baby, or IndieHeaven or and add your comments to her spot there. If you belong to Myspace, add Sarah to your friends list.
    • Tell your Pastor or Children's Ministry Leader that you'd like to see Sarah perform at your church sometime. If your church sounds optimistic, we'd be happy to follow up with a phone call or send a press kit.
    • Request Sarah's CD at your local bookstore. Just tell them you'd like to be able to buy Sarah CD there and give them a link to the website. Then tell us the location and phone number of the bookstore.
    • Request air time on your favorite radio Station. We'd like to get a few songs some air play: I Belong to Jesus, Around the Throne and your personal favorite. A little request can go a long, long way!
    • Pitch a song to another favorite artist. Maybe you'd like to hear Twila Paris sing sing "Hail the King." Or Ginny Owens sing "I Belong to Jesus." Visit their site and tell them about Sarah!

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