BIO - from flake to brain


My dad in his office where we talked all the time

Anyway, my parents found the Lord when I was 7 years old and began rearing us in the fear and admonition of the Lord. We moved back to south-eastern Michigan where my parents began home educating us. My dad was super intellectual and theologically oriented and I was super not. But there was an awsome turning point in my life that I praise God for which set the rest of my trajectory as a person and in my faith. One day, when I was about 13 or so, my parents called my into the kitchen and told me they were a little concerned about me. I couldn't understand why. They said, well, you're a flake. You're only interested in hair and make up and boys and there's just a lot more to life and to honoring God than that. I was a little taken aback, but too ditzy to really be offended, so I asked what else I should be interested in. He told me had a slew of books in his library on tons of topics and I could just pick on and start reading to see what interested me. So I did. I began reading about the issue of abortion and the Lord really began to speak to me and shape my mind. I'd talk with my dad and ask him questions and our relationship began to really develop as did my mind and my faith as I wrestled with God's Word as it related to the things I was learning about. And this set of events really marked a turning point in my life such that I became known as intellectual. My faith began to grow and mature as my mind did. By my early teens I had really come to love not only the Lord but also His Word and theology/doctrine. By the time I was in college though the Lord began really teaching me about relationships and His people. But the strong theological foundation that was laid in my life has served me well as I continue to grow in grace and He refines me, purging out the dross which seems to consume me at times!