BIO - first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Bekah in the baby carriage

Our engagement picture!


Me, Bekah and Tim during our Trinity years in Chicago

I married my husband Tim in 1998 after a very exciting and God-ordained courtship which would be too long for here (albeit fun to tell!). But suffice it to say, the fall that we married (as Tim was in his second year of seminary at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) I became pregnant with our first daughter, Rebekah.

While in Chicago there, I was in a mom's Bible study at Harvest Bible Chapel led by Betsy Corning. She had us memorizing 25 Bible verses that year. So, I did what I very naturally did and began setting them to music. I then approached her with what I was doing and asked if she'd like me to set all of them and make the songs available to all the women in the study. She liked the idea and so we did it. And so was born These Words. Tim and I had been talking about when to get into the studio and start recording my stuff. We had the idea that to record those 25 songs would be agreat way to start and get my feet wet in the studio before we jumped int a really big project. We never thought people would really like it because it wasn't what I really do. It was just sort of this fun little side project. But the Lord has really used it in ours and other people's lives - to His glory! God led us to Renwood Messenger Recording Studio in Kenosha, WI where Matt Matune engineered my first project. They were short songs, unlike my other ones (jingles almost!) and we thought we could get in and out pretty fast. And we did!