BIO - music 6 hours a day

Me at my parent's piano...


My mom, me and my savta at my Senior Piano Recital

My love of music began early on and I began composing at the age of 7 as I began taking piano lessons. By the age of 15 I began to really enjoy singing as well as the piano. But I was a terrible lyricist!!!! (You really don't want to know how bad.) I found comfort in my Trinity hymnal and the Scriptures themselves and found that I could write music to the words I found there. And that really marked the most significant course that my music would eventually take. I was trained in classical piano for 11 years and after graduating from High School entered Oakland University to pursue music composition instead. I received my Bachelor of Music in Composition in 1998 and although I love art music, I knew that with the heart for family that God had given me, it was not likely that that was where I'd end up. I continued to pursue writing songs to Scripture and re-setting hymns.