BIO - pregnant again, and again, and again

Unfortunately, the second album was long in coming because our willingness to let the Lord determine when we had children led to me getting pregnant 11 monthes later. After Eden it was only 8 monthes before I was pregnant again, and after Darby it was only four monthes before I was pregant again! Only this time it was with twins! Emma and Hadley joined our family on Sept 13th and 14th (born 13 minutes apart). So between graduating from seminary, moving three times, having four more babies and taking a pastoral call, it just seemed like a bit much to squeeze in another recording project! J Yes, that does mean 5 kids in 4 years and it was absolutely insane, and space does not permit me to tell that story. But God was in every minute of every endless and exhausting day. I didn't always see Him, but I knew He was there (sometimes laughing, shaking his head, comforting me, encouraging me, reprimanding me.) But those five years were incredibly blessed as we were stretched in our faith beyond ways we knew we could be. And we continue to be stretched, molded, shaped, refined, carved away at.