BIO - day by day

Darby, Hadley, Eden, Emma and Bekah


Family camping, summer 2005 with Great Expectations

Currently, my husband (and most devoted and amazing manager!) Tim is an associate pastor at Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Brighton, MI where we live and serve our Lord. We are blessed to lead and be a part of a community there of young families called Great Expectations (we love you guys!!!). I am, of course, a full time mom, living and walking the faith with all the struggles, victories and challenges of a pilgrim this side of eternity. My goal is that my home would be a place where the Lord is pleased to dwell, and that I would be a faithful wife and mother to my five precious daughters. I continue to write from Scripture and a broad range of hymns (I currently have about 175 songs - I guess I'd better get on the recording end of things) but am pleased to present, at this stage of my life, the children's hymns I've written in my lastest album, I Belong to Jesus. We continue to seek the Lord for His will in all of this endeavor and pray that as He's given to us in this music, we can in turn share that blessing with you.

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